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This past weekend, Daughter asked me to design a birthday card for a friend. As I was drawing, she was gluing a couple of smallish pieces of heavy scrapbook paper together.

When the glue dried, she didn’t like the result – all bubbly and curved – and she expressed her displeasure.

I picked up two new pieces of the scrapbook paper and glued one to the other. She looked at the non-bubbly result and said, “How did you do that?”

I replied by saying I had used small dots of glue around the perimeter of one of the pieces of paper. Eldest Son, upon hearing this said, “Yeah, don’t you remember? It’s dot, dot, not a lot.”

I asked where he’d learned this rhyming bit of wisdom. He said, “In kindergarten.”

Our children have learned way cooler mnemonic devices than we did while in school.