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Hubby is playing a relaxing riff on his acoustic guitar. I love it when he plays. His tunes get stuck in my head and I find I’m humming them days later. He is simultaneously watching National Treasure, which we’ve seen several times before. Interesting movie, though far-fetched.

Meanwhile, I’m catching up with my internet stuff. Read my feeds through Google Reader. Still trying to get used to that, rather than Bloglines. The features are a bit different between the two and I’m not sure I like how Google Reader automatically decides you’ve read a post after merely scrolling through it. There’s probably some feature I haven’t discovered that will turn this off.

I also added eight books to my “to-read” list on GoodReads. My “to-read” list now has 64 books on it. This is by far my favorite feature of GoodReads because it aids my memory.

Earlier today I caught up on housework, including laundry, cleaning cat pans, sorting through Young Son’s old school papers, and sorting through Eldest Son’s college stuff. Sorting takes a huge amount of thinking.

Daughter spent the day with the car, heading to a friend’s house to socialize. She just returned safely, which is a relief for this worry-wart mommy.

We lost the electricity this morning at about 7:00. I heard a loud boom. Although we had storms through the night, this didn’t sound like thunder, more like a car hitting a power pole. I have no idea what caused the power outage, but it took about an hour before it came back on. I decided to call the automated system to report it, just in case it was a power pole issue, so that the power company could triangulate the location if needed.

While today was spent at home, yesterday was spent at my friend’s house at the book release party she was hosting for me. That, however, deserves its own post (with pictures, even), so I’ll be covering that tomorrow.