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We have a Virgin Mobile pre-paid cell phone. We don’t use it much, mostly when we or the kids are out-and-about and have an emergency or need a ride home. That sort of thing.

Lately, we’ve been getting text messages from advertisers that we don’t want. They eat up our pre-paid time like mad. I swear one of these text messages gobbled up $10 in one shot. We think we started getting these parasitic texts after Hubby responded to some online thing by entering our mobile phone number. We won’t be doing that again.

We figured we’d have to buy a new phone in order to escape these texts, but someone suggested to Hubby that he call Virgin Mobile and request a new phone number. I had no idea this was an option.

I went online to Virgin Mobile and found a customer service number. Called it and got Alex, my helpful electronic advisor. (I don’t care what sort of personality you give to your automated phone systems, they are still impersonal automated phone systems.) When I got to the option of changing our phone number, Alex told me it would cost $10 for a Live Advisor at Virgin Mobile to make the switch, whereas it was free if I did it myself online. Who knew?

I signed into my online account, dug around a bit until I found the option for changing phone numbers, and three easy screens later, we had a new phone number. We’re crossing our fingers that this stops the advertising texts.