Politics annoy me no end. At least the part wherein everyone argues unproductively back and forth and nothing ever gets decided. (Oh, and the name-calling part, too.)

The subject of health care reform is of particular annoyance lately because it is being discussed ad nauseum in the news, but there seem to be no decent solutions being offered. So here’s my suggestion. Why don’t we just let the whole system fall apart? Let it crumble to the ground. Everyone stop paying premiums, stop going to the doctor, stop filling prescriptions, stop paying health care bills. Opt-out altogether.

What might happen if we did that? Well, some people – those who are being over medicated or suffering from iatrogenic illnesses – might start feeling better. And those who are incredibly sick will get sicker and/or die.

Sure, it’s drastic. But honestly, only drastic measures – like having to walk over dead bodies – appear to have any effect on getting us off the dime. If the whole system fell apart, what solutions might we implement right quick?

Of course I don’t really want to see people dying from lack of health care, but how ’bout we pretend that people’s lives are on the line in order to speed up the process of reform? After all, people’s lives ARE on the line.