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We were visiting my in-laws two evenings ago, sitting outside with family members, enjoying the beautiful evening, when a couple of mourning doves started cooing. My mother-in-law said that we should expect rain. Her parents had taught her that mourning doves will coo before imminent rain or directly after it has rained. As we hadn’t had rain in a few days, it was obvious that they must be doing the pre-rain coo.

Yesterday, we were hit with a quick and massive storm. We were away from home when it hit in the evening and it practically snuck up on us. Sunny and beautiful most of the day and then WHAM! Happy storm time. The mourning doves were right.

We had the same kind of storm this afternoon, although I wasn’t outside long enough to listen for the mourning doves.

The other rain predictor, which I learned from a previous co-worker, is when the deciduous trees flash the silvery backsides of their leaves at you.

Are there any sure-fire storm predictors that you follow?