It is pouring outside. Heaven is a giant pitcher and the contents are being dumped over central Minnesota.

This, of course, was the day Eldest Son decided to take a 10-mile walk with a friend of his. They took the loooooong 10-mile walk. (Their destination was ten miles away, but they didn’t walk as the crow flies; they took the circuitous route.) Thankfully, the guys had a cell phone and we called periodically to get updates on where they were and give them updates on the weather. We were very concerned when we heard reports of flash flooding a few miles north of where they were headed. Not long after giving them this update, the guys called back and said, “Come get us.” Hubby was out the door and on the way. They called back, “Bring towels.” Umm. Yeah. About that. No can do. Your ride has left and is on the way. No going back for towels now.

Everyone has returned home safely. Eldest Son was wise and brought a rain jacket with him. He said it was a life-saver. He let his friend borrow the safari-esque hat I suggested he take to ward off sunburn. (Ha!)

Just now, as I write, the rain is letting up. Hubby is taking the guys to Subway to get sandwiches for supper. (Actually, I think Daughter might be driving.) Sunlight is peeking through the clouds, entering the window behind me. Sometimes I think we need to manufacture our own excitement.