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After several days of not blogging and not writing, sometimes it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. In order to get going again, I have to free-write, just blather on about whatever’s in my head. That clears things out and makes room for essay and fiction ideas.

This past week has been incredibly busy, especially at work. Lots of visitors at the museum, plus I had to get ready for a talk I gave yesterday on a couple of past well-known Ojibwe chiefs in our area. Complicated history, hard to tell it because there are many versions of particular details.

The evenings have been busy, too. There were two evenings that I spent in Hubby’s community garden helping to lay down grass clippings as mulch. In mid-week, I spent an evening catching up with Daughter after her trip with her friend to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. (Daughter is now hooked on the concert experience. And maybe a little on the Jo-Bros, too.) Last night, Hubby and I took Young Son to order a hunting rifle. The guys are going bear hunting this year.

Do you ever have that “time flies” feeling? Especially as you get older? I sure do. The year just started and suddenly it’s the middle of July. The days are full and the time is gone. Am I using my time wisely?