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I love hidden things. I’ve been especially taken with the idea of a hidden room in a house. I recently subscribed to a feed for Lifehacker and was presented with a post on how to create a hidden room with a couple of bookshelves from Ikea. Slick idea, that.

My fascination with hidden things started in childhood, likely with the books I chose to read. Frances Hodgson Burnett was particularly good at presenting stories of children who tucked themselves away in hidden worlds – most notably Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden, although there were elements of this with Sara Crewe in her attic space in A Little Princess. (Incidentally, both of the movies that have been made of these books are fabulous. I can’t get enough of the movie version of The Secret Garden, and when I first watched A Little Princess, I was surprised at how precisely it matched what I had imagined from reading the book.)

Hidden things mean mystery. And mystery means intrigue. And intrigue is, well, intriguing.

With my penchant for hidden things, when it came time to create the layout for my book and website, you don’t suppose that perhaps I just maybe on the off chance happened to sneak a little hidden something in, do you?