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I was catching up on Twitter this morning and was shocked to discover that Billy Mays, the dark-haired, dark-bearded gentleman with the loud voice who sells all manner of products, had died this morning. I thought it must be some kind of a joke, especially after Michael Jackson’s untimely passing, so I did a further online search. ‘Tis unfortunately true.

Billy was one of those instantaneously recognizable human beings. He had a hook (more than one, really – the voice and the beard). He was easy to poke fun at (which I’ve done a couple of times) because he was larger-than-life, but he sure seemed to love what he was doing. Who doesn’t want to be in such a position?

It was a brilliant move on the Discovery Channel’s part to create a show with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, another recognizable face in advertising. The show is called Pitchmen and after watching a couple of episodes, I gained a greater appreciation and respect for the type of work these men do. Plus, if truth be told, I started taking Billy more seriously. Dang! I’m going to miss him.

Rest in peace, Billy. My condolences to your family and friends.