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Hubby, Daughter and I went on a couple of college tours today. The tours were fine, but the heat was miserable – anywhere between 92 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit for much of the day. Even though we bopped in and out of air conditioning and I had plenty of liquid to drink (just ask Daughter how many times I had to use the bathroom), I still got a heat headache – a dull, behind-the-eyes pain – that will likely be with me until tomorrow morning. A good night’s sleep should help, provided I’m not too warm.

As soon as I got home, I ripped off my shoes and socks, which immediately made me more comfortable. It’s all in the extremities. My dad says that if you can keep your feet warm in the winter, rest of your body will feel warm. I think the reverse goes in the summer. If you can keep your feet cool, the rest of you will feel cooler in general. (Although a nice patch of shade with a Caribou Smoothie can’t hurt.)

While we may be wilting from the heat, the campus visits today were helpful. Daughter rearranged her rankings of the colleges she’s interested in attending. What was her bottom choice has now become her top choice.