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Do you ever reach a point of routine in being online? Checking the email, checking Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites, reading the same blogs … everything pretty much in the same order? Wearing the inter-tubes into a deep groove?

The groove can be comforting and exciting for a time. Until it’s not.

When I reach the point of boredom with my online routine, I purposely shake things up by finding new people to follow, new applications to try. I’ve been in shaking up mode for the past week or so, even go as far as to rearrange and tidy my blog’s sidebar.

As I work myself into a new routine, I’ve been looking for blogs by creative people. By doing a Google search and poking around within blogrolls, I’ve found a few interesting new blogs to follow.

A most helpful on is called Artists Who Blog by Stephanie Levy, an artist and illustrator in her own right. Artists Who Blog is an interview format blog, with Stephanie finding other artists – specifically those who blog – and asking them questions about both their art and their blogs. There are lots of great photos included, as well as links to the artists’ blog.

Through Artists Who Blog, I’ve discovered two other artists whose blogs I’ve just begun to follow: La Pomme by Apol Lejano-Massebieau and Creative Thursday by Marisa Haedike. With both, I was attracted to their art first and foremost, then to what they said about their experiences with art and blogging. (I really can’t explain adequately why I’m drawn to some people over others. Can you?)  I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy getting to know all three of these women through their blogs. I’m also sensing that I have to check out this whole Etsy thing.