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Went grocery shopping tonight. Had to buy sunscreen. (Hubby burned his feet and legs working in the community garden and we don’t want to take any more chances.)

Has anyone else around here noticed how ungodly expensive sunscreen is? We paid over five dollars for eight ounces. It’s between eight and ten dollars (or more) for sixteen ounces. What is up with that? What does sunscreen contain? Wonder Woman’s gold deflection bracelets?

In an effort to prove to myself that sunscreen is more than fancy lotion (and thus worth the price), I looked up the ingredients online. It appears that the active compounds  in sunscreen have a bunch of mumbo-jumbo names (except zinc oxide, which I used occasionally on my kids’ diaper rashes when they were babies), but their basic purpose is to scatter various UV light rays. There is some controversy over the use of sunscreen because some of these compounds create free radicals when absorbed into the skin and this can cause conditions conducive to cancer. Lovely.

I think I’ll stick to wearing a hat as much as possible. I wonder if I can get hats for Hubby’s feet.