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The Whistle Pig The Whistle Pig by Duck Miller

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
An odd little book that has short stories with strangely disquieting endings. Thing is, this book is a puzzle, meant to lead the reader to a key that was hidden on February 2, 2003, in a publicly accessible place in the United States. If the reader can figure out the clues, that is.

There is a web address in the back of the book, ostensibly so readers can share the clues they’ve figured out, or post photos of the whistle pig images they’ve found (a whistle pig is a ground hog), but the website no longer exists. You can find its past incarnation on The Way Back Machine on archive.org. (The site was http://www.thewhistlepig.net.)

I was not able to find any evidence online that the key was actually found, so perhaps the mystery remains. If this book had come out within the past couple of years, perhaps readers would have started a wiki in order to share clues.

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*Note: A more extensive online search revealed that there have been people working on this book within a wiki format. See tweleve.org/whistle-pig/