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Daughter and I had a lovely chat tonight. She’s having a mini life crisis – trying to decide what she wants to study in college and what she wants to do for work, the latter being determined somewhat by the former. We discussed this topic, plus some others, ranging all over a conversational spectrum and laughing a lot. (This all started with me showing her how to reconcile a checkbook. Go figure.)

As we were talking, I told her that people (she, Hubby) laugh at me when they catch me dancing. I was all like, “What’s that about? I like to dance.” And she said, “It’s ’cause you’re a cute dork. Because you’re Mom.” We went round and round, me pretending to be offended and her trying to get her point across while not digging herself in deeper, both of us laughing throughout. Finally she said, “You know, Mom, your dancing is one of those endearing awkward tendencies.”

Ah, yes. The endearing awkward tendency. The weirdness we not only put up with, but love, about others. Such a great term out of the mind of Daughter. Now I have to find one of her endearing awkward tendencies and bring it to her attention. 😉