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What a day! Eldest Son graduated from high school – the Perpich Arts High School, to be specific. I mention that because it has great bearing on the ceremony. This, quite literally, was the most interesting graduation ceremony I’ve ever experienced. Each of the disciplines at the school was represented with some sort of performance during the event. The MC was a student who is an incredible orator. It appeared as though he had committed to memory everything he said, which was no small feat considering he introduced each performance and speaker and gave a speech of his own.

The ceremony was filmed and we’ll be able to order a DVD. Before it started, I figured this would be the typical sort of graduation, with several predictable inspiring speeches by administrators followed by students shuffling across the stage to receive their diplomas. No sense in ordering a DVD of that. After the MC gave his speech, Young Son leaned over and said, “We’re ordering a DVD, right? I want to watch this again.”

Eldest Son isn’t keen on ceremonies. He sees this graduation as merely a transition between high school and college. No big deal. I was trying to adopt his low-key attitude and was doing a fine job of it, until he walked onto the stage. He was the very last student to receive a diploma and he did this funky little dance that the other students know him for. Understand that Eldest Son is not demonstrative, so for him to do this … well, let me tell you, I broke up. My god, I was practically sobbing (and am darn near in tears as I write this). Hubby put his arm around my shoulders. He, too, was teary.

It is a big deal to graduate from high school. If Eldest Son ever has children, I think he might change his mind about ceremonies, especially when he sees his first child graduate.

We love you, son! Congratulations! (And we’re ordering the DVD. Your dance was priceless.)