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So, then, in my last post I discussed how Young Son #2 had very long hair and that some people seem to have a problem with that, and how he is allowed to decide when he will get it cut and how we, as his parents, are okay with that.

Guess what? He wanted it cut last night. And not a buzz, either. He had me cut it in stages. First, I did a cut that was fairly long. He wasn’t sure how he liked it, but he hung out for a while and let it dry while I cut Eldest Son’s hair.

Eldest Son hasn’t been much for long hair in the past, but this year he decided to let it grow out. His hair is straight and doesn’t grow as fast as Young Son’s, so even though he’d been growing it a year, it was only about shoulder-length.  Eldest Son wanted a cut before his graduation ceremony, so I obliged.

When I finished with him, Young Son came back. He hated the way his curly hair was poofing out in odd ways. I cut more of the length off. Still not working for him. More hair went, but this time I did some layering, which took off some of the poofiness. That did the trick. Young Son likes his new haircut, and I must say that it certainly is adorable. (But don’t tell him I said so. He’s a teen boy. It’s not cool to look adorable.)

I took a picture of Young Son before I started snipping away, but he gave me such a look of death when I did it that I’m pretty sure he would be less than keen to have me post it online. I’ll have to sneak a picture of him with short hair, just so I have a point of comparison and can remember how I cut it when called upon to do so in the future.