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Young Son #2 has incredibly long hair. It reaches his mid-back and is blond and wavy. Simply gorgeous. He keeps it very clean and uses maybe a quarter of a bottle of conditioner on it per shower so that it doesn’t get tangly.

Young Son has always gone to extremes with his hair. It was long and spirally by the time he was two and gave people the impression he was a girl. When he finally decided to get it cut, he wanted it buzzed. And so it has gone. Long within a year, buzzed during the summer, long again, buzzed.

Because it is long now and has been for most of the school year, kids at school keep razzing him about it. “When are you going to get your hair cut?” Daughter told me tonight that kids her age will come up to her and ask her when he’s going to get it cut and, “Why don’t your parents make him cut it?” Young Son and a friend were walking home from a movie last week and a woman in a mini-van drove around the block so she could yell “Get a hair cut!” out the window at Young Son.

Okay, People Obsessed with the Length of Young Son’s Hair, what year is this? Have we not lived through the Beatles, Hippies, Eighties Metal Hair Bands, and Grunge? Did Jesus, in all of our Anglo representations of him, not have long hair? What the hell is your problem?

It’s Young Son’s hair and he’ll cut it when he is good and ready. We, as his parents, figure that hair is a minor issue. He’s not doing drugs or drinking or getting into trouble with the law. He’s a nice, intelligent, sensitive young man. If he wants long hair, he can have long hair. If he wants to dye it blue, he can do that too. (Actually, Eldest Son has expressed an interest in doing this with his hair, just to see what it would look like.) Hairstyles are temporary and fairly easy to change, and why shouldn’t boys have the same kind of variety that girls are allowed with their hair? Besides, we like it long. No matter the length of his hair, we love Young Son for being Young Son.

So, then, all you mad hair-cutters, put your scissoring remarks away and deal with it.