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According to my friend Jody, a story about Russian dogs that have learned how to commute on trains has been making the rounds of the internet lately. Russian commuter dogs? How incredibly cool is that? I had to check it out for myself.

The Sun of the UK covered the story in Wild dogs take Chewbilee Line

English Russia has an article on the topic called Smartest Dogs: Moscow Stray Dogs

The Wall Street Journal published In Moscow’s Metro, a Stray Dog’s Life Is Pretty Cushy, and Zoologists Notice

There’s even a Russian site (written in Russian) devoted to the dogs: http://www.metrodog.ru/

What’s as amazing as the dogs’ adaptability to human culture is how the human population tolerates the behavior of the dogs, allowing them to ride the train and regularly feeding them. Pictures of the dogs are included with the above links, so you can see how they sleep on train seats and such.

However, not everyone wants the dogs around. While researching this topic online, I found an article about Moscow’s dog-catchers wanting to poison and beat the dogs to death prior to the Eurovision event that was held there in mid-May. People were outraged. It is unclear from the article whether any dogs actually met death in this manner.