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I was watching The Fray’s video for “You Found Me” the other day on VH1. There are lots of shots showing people on the tops of buildings, plus views from the tops of those buildings, in the video. It reminded me of my fear of heights. It’s not so much the height that bothers me as I enjoy looking out the window while in airplanes; it’s the feeling of unsecured heights that makes me panic. A ledge or precarious cliff without something to prevent an accidental fall sets me on edge in more ways than one.

While I was watching the video, the advice that rescuers tend to give people who are in a high place and need help being extricated came to mind: “Don’t look down.” While I can understand how looking down into the impending abyss tends to make one woozy, how does one get out of the predicament without looking to see where he is placing his feet? Last time I checked, my feet were located in the position referred to as “down”. I’d really like to be able to look down in order to make sure of my footing.

Methinks “Don’t look down” is advice in need of editing.