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I’ve spent the last hour binging on Facebook quizzes, very much against both my better judgment and my desire to avoid third-party applications that might not follow the same terms of service as Facebook does. So much for my resolve, eh?

The quizzes I’ve indulged in are the ones that reveal some inkling of my personality. They’re pretty silly, especially when not a single answer within the multiple choices given is something I’d actually choose, but they are addictive nonetheless. As anyone can create a quiz on Facebook, whether they know how to write a proper quiz or not, it’s interesting to try to figure out how the questions they’ve asked lead to a particular result. In some cases, it seems random, like throwing spaghetti at a wall to see if any letters form.

I took my first couple of personality quizzes yesterday, which led to my binge today. Here are the names of the quizzes I took and the results. I didn’t publish all of these to my Facebook profile because I published several and that makes me look insane enough in my temporary addiction.

Rorschach (Inkblot) Test – Perfectly sane

(There were no inkblots harmed in the making of this test, because no inkblots were actually used in the test. Did you know that the formal name for our cat Inky (a.k.a. “Rotten Spotty”) is Rorschach?)

Which Muppet are you? – Rowlf (Totally didn’t see this coming.)

Which of your chakras is most open? – Throat

(The description under this result – because there is always a description under Facebook quiz results – said this: “The Throat Chakra represents self-expression and talking. You are creative and artistic, and may represent your feelings through art or music. You are a great communicator, and can balance talking and listening. Be mindful of how much you talk and much distance you place between you, and those around you.”

Here’s what I find surprising about this result. When it comes to chakras, I’ve always thought of my throat chakra as being the one that needs the most work, that it’s not developed enough. Curious that this quiz tells me it’s the most open.)

What does your mind look like? – A forest

Which book are you? – Winnie the Pooh

The artist in you – Picasso

Who were you in your past life? – An artist (Funny thing that. I’m an artist in this life, too!)

What is your element? – Water

What season are you? – Autumn (This fits. I was born in autumn and my Color-Me-Beautiful colors are also autumn. I sense a theme …)

What type of Faerie are you? – Tinkerbell (The questions in this quiz were bad. They didn’t seem to match the theme of the quiz.)

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you? – Lust/lechery

Which literary heroine are you? – Elizabeth Bennet from “Pride and Prejudice” (I can live with that.)

What is your personality type? – Phlegmatic (Did the result have to include the word “phlegm” in it? With allergy season, I’ve been producing more phlegm than I thought was humanly possible.)

What colour crayon are you? – Yellow (This is supremely odd in that I recently wrote that I didn’t own any yellow clothing. Go figure.)

Enough about me! How about you? Do you find yourself incessantly taking Facebook quizzes or indulging in some other sort of silly time-wasting online activity? If you do take quizzes, whether on Facebook or somewhere else, have you found one you particularly like?