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I was listening to NPR’s Talk of the Nation this afternoon. Neil Conan’s guest was conservative radio host Michael Savage, one of that breed of conservatives who likes to keep control of entire conversations. The discussion was about Savage being banned from entering the United Kingdom over freedom of speech issues.

While I was listening, I noted what seemed to be a hesitancy on Conan’s part in his questioning. Savage showed no hesitancy at all and made his point perfectly clear: He should be allowed freedom of speech wherever he goes. Yet, and I think Conan was trying to point this out, the United Kingdom does not have the same free speech rights that the U.S. has and, as a sovereign nation, it is allowed to make its own laws.

Conan then opened the show for calls. I didn’t catch what the first caller said, but it sent Savage into a rage of insults and then Savage hung up. Apparently  we’re all free to listen to Michael Savage, but he’s not going to subject himself to anyone else’s free speech.