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This morning I was selecting the clothes I would wear for the day when a random thought struck: I don’t own any yellow clothing. I’ve got pink and green and brown and black and gray and blue and purple and red and white and even the occasional orange, but not a stitch of yellow.

I dredged the reasons for this lack of yellow in my clothing palette from the recesses of my mind. There are two reasons. One, I had a Color-Me-Beautiful session when I was in high school. Color-Me-Beautiful assigned people to color palettes that were seasonally based. You could be a Winter, Summer, Spring, or Autumn, and there were appropriate colors that were supposed to look best on you based on your natural coloring. I was an Autumn. The Autumn color palette didn’t include any yellow, so I didn’t wear it.

The second reason I don’t wear yellow is because of a stupid little magazine quiz I took when I was in middle to high school. This quiz purported to peg your personality based on the color of underwear you owned. Those who owned yellow underwear were assigned negative personality traits. I owned yellow underwear at the time. I got rid of it soon after. I obviously took the quiz WAAAAAY too seriously, so much so that I don’t own yellow clothing to this day.

Do you think maybe it’s time I get over this bias against yellow clothing?

Incidentally, Daughter had her prom tonight. We went to the Grand March. Guess which color was the most popular for the girls’ dresses? Yellow.

Daughter wore turquoise.