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I made a couple of birthday cards yesterday, one for my nephew, one for Daughter. Nephew’s was an abstract thing, brightly colored shapes and silver lines on a black background. When it came to making Daughter’s, I had this sudden urge to draw a Jack-in-the-Box. The image was quite clear in my mind. I envisioned a Jack-in-the-Box along the lines of Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Here’s the result:

Jack in the Box Birthday Card

Jack in the Box Birthday Card

When I showed the card to Eldest Son, he said, “Well, isn’t that disturbing?” Young Son used Daughter’s favorite word, “Creeper,” to describe the image. Yes, Jack-in-the-Boxes have an inherent creepiness, just like Lady Elaine Fairchilde. I had apparently captured this creepiness and Daughter agreed, although she later said the only thing that made it really creepy was all the red I had used. Maybe that was what was so creepy about Lady Elaine.

Btw, the proper way to say “creeper” is to use a high-pitched voice and draw out the “cree” part of the word – “Creeeeeeeee-per!”