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Oh. My. God. I have come upon a truly SENSATIONAL writing quote. I have to share it.

The quote is on page 145 of the hardcover edition of Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. The story is told from the point of view of a thirteen-year-old English boy named Jason Taylor, who is both a stutterer and a poet and is trying to figure out how to fit in with the rest of his peers with these traits. His poetry has been published in a parish magazine under an assumed name. He meets the person responsible for helping to get it published, a Belgian woman named Madame Crommelynck who makes him light her cigarettes, in a chapter called Solarium.

Here’s the quote:

“I felt giddy with importance that my words’d captured the attention of this exotic woman. Fear, too. If you show someone something you’ve written, you give them a sharpened stake, lie down in your coffin, and say, “When you’re ready.””

Yes, yes, YES! That is totally the feeling I have when my work goes to an audience.