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As I soaked in this Wired article concerning Nine Inch Nails’ (NIN) new iPhone app …


… and this YouTube video concerning NIN’s iPhone app …

(which, truthfully, I only watched a smidgen of because I’d already read the Wired article and I don’t own an iPhone)

… and this video of Trent Reznor’s Digg Dialogg (which is 40 minutes of excellence, by the way – Trent has good advice for musicians and astutely discusses the current climate in the music industry) …

http://digg.com/dialogg/Trent_Reznor (sorry, can’t get the blasted video to embed)

… I got to thinking, as I am wont to do (darn thoughts just won’t stop) …

What’s the point of me ever blogging about Nine Inch Nails again? NIN is building a media empire through its fans, with everyone contributing photos, art, music remixes, video, and discussions to its website, which is an interconnected, yet multi-tentacled PRESENCE. Trent Reznor & Company are creating a benevolent dictatorship, wherein everyone can share and be happy and blend into the PRESENCE.

And where all of us can disappear into an indistinguishable mass. My post title, “Nine Inch Nails Nihilism,” is a misnomer. NIN isn’t the nihilistic one, not with the PRESENCE. It is I who is doomed to nihilism in the context of the PRESENCE. A lowly fan. With no distinctive voice.

Depressing, isn’t it?

Time to turn this nihilistic car around because if I don’t, I’ll start wondering what use it is to be a fan at all.

Just because NIN is constructing a PRESENCE doesn’t mean that everyone must contribute. Nor does it mean that I can’t write about the band outside of its website. In fact, being on the outside gives me a certain objective distance. It also allows me to keep my own voice, to discuss the band as I like, to stand apart from the masses a little bit.

I dare say, writing about NIN on my own blog is really more about me than it is about the band anyway. My blog is about what I care about and how it filters through the being that is me. Me. Me. Me. I sound so self-centered, but it’s all I’ve got to work with. I can’t jump into someone else and experience life or NIN through their eyes.

As I prefer extropianism to nihilism, especially where I myself am concerned [ahem!], I think I’ll continue on with my independent streak and write about NIN here when the mood strikes. And if I want to contribute to the PRESENCE at some point, I’ll do that too.

Have I ever told you that I’m sometimes called “Mary, Quite Contrary?”