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I’ve had a heartening round of editing this morning. I picked up a story I wrote in 2004. It’s called “Family Enchantment” and was one of my early stabs at writing short stories. I’d always liked the premise of the story, but when I’d reread it, I’d cringe at the awkwardness of some of the writing and construction. I didn’t want to abandon this early effort completely and decided to do some editing this morning. Turns out, I’d already combed through a copy and had it marked up. As I went through reading both the original text and the edits, I found that I wanted to change the same things I had already made notes on. There were other things I wanted to change, too, so I opened the latest version I had of the story on my computer, version number 3, dated September 2005, and discovered I had already made the original edits, plus the new ones I had found but had apparently not noted.

I’m not sure it’s as strong a story as it could be, but I’m not inclined to fuss with it any longer. I’m okay with leaving it as an example of early work and moving on to something else.

If you’d like to read “Family Enchantment,” it’s posted under Other Writing on my website.