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Hubby and I were out last night. We met up with 3 collegemates of his in St. Cloud, grabbed subs at Erbert & Gerbert’s for supper, then drove out to Melrose to listen to a band at the suggestion of one of the collegemates. As we entered Melrose, I was awakened from a doze by Hubby, who had burst out laughing upon seeing a billboard with the slogan, “We do cows.”


“We do cows?”

The double entendre was unmistakable. I hope it was also intentional, sort of. Not that I like to think about someone actually “doing cows,” but I was hoping the company behind the sign realized that its slogan could and would be interpreted in a randy way and was prepared for the ribbing.

Somehow, though, I think the owners of Stearns Veterinary Outlet Store get it, as they also have “We do horses” and “We do pets” as slogans and they have trademark symbols on each of them. It certainly takes guts to advertise a business this way, but the humor made us notice. It’s a slogan we’re not going to easily forget, which is exactly what a business needs.