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Continuing on with my description of last night’s activities …

After the fete at the Melrose American Legion (“We do cows“), Hubby and I and his college mates headed back to St. Cloud to The Red Carpet Nightclub. One of the college mates had suggested this form of entertainment because she knew one of the members of the band due to play at “The Carpet.” We arrived early, before we had to pay a cover charge, and found seats close to the stage.

Two bands played – Beautiful Trigger and Annex. Beautiful Trigger is a four-member hard rock band fronted by a woman named Carly V, who has a tremendous stage presence. I’m not sure how she maintains the energy to hop around stage and sing, yet she does both with great vigor. Hubby thought her vocal range wasn’t as wide as other singers, but this wasn’t an issue for me because I wasn’t sure the music actually warranted it. Carly’s on-stage persona is captivating and would translate well to a mass audience. The rest of the band members were solid performers, as well. At one point, Carly yielded the stage to them and they performed a rockin’ cover of a tune I recognized, but can’t, for the life of me, name. With all of the band members, I was struck by their stamina. They performed non-stop for an hour, barely taking a half a breath between songs.

The next band, Annex, which was the headliner, also kept a non-stop pace and delivered a high quality performance. By the time they took to the stage, more spectators were ready to hit the dance floor and it was packed in short order. Quite interesting to watch tipsy people attempting to dance. One blotto woman kept falling on the floor, only to be scraped up by the men around her. She toddled around for a bit, with a watchful bouncer on the edge of the stage keeping a close eye on her. Suddenly, she was close to the stage and fell face-first into one of the monitors on the front edge of it. WHAM! She went to the floor and tried to get up immediately, almost as though she didn’t know what had hit her. (Or, rather, what she had hit.) The bouncer was immediately at her side, offering his assistance to get her off the dance floor. The lead singer made a comment about her face-plant and how she was going to feel that in the morning. Crikey! I felt it when I saw it.

Hubby and I left The Red Carpet at 12:30 a.m. because we still had a drive ahead of us to get home. We said goodbye to his college mates, made a stop at the bathrooms, then headed out to the parking lot to our car. When we got there, Hubby grew concerned. His friends’ car was gone. It had been parked right next to ours, but now was nowhere to be seen. Worried that the car had been stolen, we headed back to The Carpet and he went in to find his friends. They were no longer there. We figured they had left while we were occupied in the bathrooms, hence the car wasn’t stolen. At least that’s what we hope went down.