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It’s been raining here in Central Minnesota for the past couple of days. A solid soaking rain. Puddles galore. Threats of flooding. River ice cracking up. Dams gushing.

Young Son #2 has tennis shoes that are breaking apart at the seams. His feet are poking out as though he’s turning into The Incredible Hulk. Part of the reason his tennies are in such bad shape is because he beats the dickens out of them by wandering through puddles and mud and such-like.

I decided that not only does he need new tennis shoes, he also needed rubber boots. We went shoe shopping this evening, but didn’t find any tennies he liked. We did, however, find him some fine black rubber boots. To his delight, they have steel toes. There were several types available without steel toes, but he’d have none of those. He wanted steel toes so in case he ever needs to kick in a door, he can do so without hurting his feet. (He demonstrated his door-kicking maneuver in the store.)

After we were done with boot shopping, we wandered over to the camping gear. I didn’t know he had a thing for this camping business. We did quite a bit of camping when the kids were younger, but have gotten away from it now that they are older. We’ll have to revisit this in order to give Young Son his fix. (He was really eyeing up a hatchet and fire-starters.)