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I recently blogged about looking for crocheted hat patterns online. After finding a number of patterns for cute, easy hats, I went through my supply of yarn and my crochet hooks to see if I had what I needed. Plenty of scrap yarn, but not the correct hook sizes. Yesterday, Hubby, Daughter and I ran to the store and I picked up the hooks I needed. (I keep wanting to call hooks needles, which shows how indoctrinated I’ve become with knitting and how long it’s been since I’ve crocheted anything.)

With yarn and the proper hook, I picked a pattern and started crocheting while still in bed this morning. After a good start, I got up, did some sewing and ironing, showered and got dressed. Then it was time to take Eldest Son back to school. It’s a long drive, so I took my crocheting with me. While Hubby and I were on the return trip, I finished the hat. I’d show it to you with a photo, but Eldest Son took our digital camera with him in order to work on a stop-motion animation project. Our camera works better for the project than the ones available at school.

Because I don’t have the camera, I’ll try to describe it. Small black crown, purple stripe, thinner navy blue stripe, really thin bright pink stripe, thin navy blue stripe, fat periwinkle stripe, thin navy blue stripe, thin bright pink stripe, thin black stripe.

The hat is larger than I expected it to be. It’s for a man’s head, but even though it’s two rows shy of what the pattern required, it’s still a little too big for Hubby. If I want to use this pattern again, I’ll have to choose a smaller hook or a lighter weight yarn. That’ll learn me.