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In checking my blog stats today, I noticed that someone came to my blog by using the term “random sestina generator” in a search engine. Interesting. After having written a few sestinas, I can’t imagine how they can be effectively generated randomly. They’re complicated beasts that take much wrestling.

Rather than dismiss the possibility outright, I entered “random sestina generator” into Google myself. My blog came up as the fourth hit because I had used the same term in a post about a year ago. Turns out I was discussing search terms people had used to find my blog and this was one of them.

My search also brought me to a site that is supposed to randomly generate a sestina from the six ending words you enter, but I tried it several times and got no results whatsoever.  All the other search results brought me pages that mention sestinas, but they don’t promise to generate them for you. It’s just too damn hard. So, then, whoever is looking for the random sestina generator solution, you’re just going to have to buckle down and figure out how to write one yourself.

If you are in the mood to tackle a sestina, here are the words I entered into the non-functioning sestina generator: keep, love, domain, creed, laundry, beyond. Have fun!