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I was watching VH1’s Top Twenty Video Countdown this morning and saw Pink’s video for the song “Sober.” I’ve always rather enjoyed Pink’s work. Her songs have a distinctive edge and the woman herself has style and moxie. She seems to be the sort of woman that could beat the crap out of any man who would dare to give her shit.

Why I didn’t see this Frankensteining the Talent Pool combination before, I just don’t know, but it would be fascinating to watch Pink and Trent Reznor work together. Like Pink, Reznor also looks like he’s willing to successfully end any fight he might get into.

It isn’t just the personal attitudes exuded by Pink and Reznor that make me think they might make a good team. The subjects of their angst-ridden songs share similarities, plus they  have both exhibited a sense of humor within the realm of their creative work.

Yep, the more Pink videos I see, the more I think this could work. That, or she’d take Reznor to the mat and give him a serious noogie.