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The big news in central Minnesota today is the snow. On Twitter, Minnesotans have been calling this event #snowmageddon. Yes, that describes it well.  When I woke up this morning and peeked out my window around 7:30, the snow was falling, but not heavily – hardly any accumulation.

By the time I went out to start the car, I had a bunch to dust off and when I was done, I had more to dust off. When I arrived at work, it was time to shovel. We have a long, large sidewalk to clear. It took me 40 minutes to get rid of 2 inches worth of accumulation and by the time I was done, you guessed it, I had to shovel again.

School closed early, so the kids were home just after noon. Our director told us to close the museum at noon, too, so I was home by 1 p.m. Happily, I discovered our children had already shoveled the walk, so I didn’t have to.

Meanwhile, Hubby had to deal with a dead car. It died, literally stopped while he was driving, when he got to the city where his college is located. He put the car in neutral and turned it off the main road. Then he called me at work (I had just gotten in) and together we formulated a plan. He had me look up a bunch of phone numbers so he could let the local police department know he was in a 90 minute zone, call his professor to say he wouldn’t be in class, and call a garage to deal with the repair.

Six hours worth of waiting, plus $870 for a tow and distributor assembly, and he was finally on his way and none too pleased about how his day had gone. He had signed up to volunteer at the local food shelf this evening, and even though he was exhausted by the day’s events, he went to fulfill his duty. He got to come home early because #snowmageddon kept people from venturing out to use the food shelf’s services.

Spring is sounding real good about now.