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I was all set to upload my Greenville book to Cafe Press this morning, but I ran into another glitch. When I attempted to load the pdf document of the book pages, the Book Preview screen wouldn’t give me a view of the pages. Instead, I got a 404 – File not found server error. Major bummer. And the silly thing is that I had already uploaded my book file and was able to preview it this morning, but I found an error (horrors!) on one of the pages, so I had to delete that file, fix things, and upload again, wherein I ran into this error.

I looked for an answer on Cafe Press, but couldn’t find one, so dialed them up. I have to say, whenever I’ve had to call Cafe Press, I’ve been met with gloriously helpful and friendly people. The lady I talked to this morning, Rebecca, took a look at my problem and suggested I send the pdf to Cafe Press and they would see if they could upload it or figure out the problem. At this point, it’s a waiting game. An impatient waiting game! I’m chomping at the book to get Greenville available.

At least I was able to design the spine of the book this morning, so that’s something.