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When it comes to fiction writing, I’m getting out of practice. I haven’t written any substantial fiction since I finished Greenville last May/June.  I’ve started several stories, but haven’t completed them. When I pick them up and reread them, I feel as though I’ve lost the emotional impetus that got me going on them.

This is the trouble with attempting to self-publish. There’s all this stuff – layout, editing, cover design, ordering ISBNs, website design, etc. – that takes time away from fiction writing. It’s why writers like to find literary agents and publishers – so they can continue to write while all of this other stuff is happening with their books.

The benefit of self-publishing is that I got to learn all of this stuff first-hand, plus I maintained complete creative control over the product. That’s nothing to sneeze at, however, it still leaves me with the dilemma of how to get myself back into writing fiction.