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Way back on January 12, 2009, I had too many blog ideas.  I’ve marched through most of them and I’m finally wrapping up with my story of asparagus pee.

Before Christmas, Hubby and I were invited to an Asian restaurant for dinner with some of his college mates. Hubby and I each ordered dishes heavy on the asparagus. As Hubby was eating, one of our group members turned to him and said, “I’d like to smell your pee in a couple of hours.”

After joking about the forwardness of that comment, the woman who had said it told us that she was studying to be a doctor and said that the metabolic process behind asparagus making pee smelly was fascinating to her.

Sure enough, within an hour or two of eating the vegetable, Hubby and I had asparagus pee. Explanations for the metabolic process can be found at the following links:

Urinalysis from Chow

Discovery Channel: The Skinny On … Why Asparagus Makes Your Pee Stink

Asparagus Pee in the Urban Dictionary (funny that it would make it into this source)

With that, I’ve marched through my list of too many blog ideas, with the exception of the idea on Autographs, which I’ve completely forgotten about, so I’ll let that one drift into the memory of time.