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I woke this morning without a fever, finally. This after three solid days of the flu, three solid days consisting of sleeping and coughing and not eating. It’s not that I didn’t eat at all, but that my sustenance  was so meager (tea with honey, chicken broth, and crackers) that it was hardly enough to keep a small chihuahua going, let alone an adult.

Upon feeling rested and not feverish, I got out of bed and went in to take a shower, just as I would on a normal day. As I was showering, suddenly I had trouble seeing and my legs started to buckle under me. I knew I was going to pass out and I knew that I didn’t want to do it in the shower because my husband might not know what had happened. I had enough presence of mind to turn off the water, get out of the shower, grab a towel and head into the hall, where I called for my husband and then collapsed onto the floor.

Thankfully, I didn’t lose consciousness. Hubby grabbed another towel to cover me, then carried me into the bedroom. I sensed that my collapse was due to not having enough to eat. I have a small frame and don’t gain weight easily, which is great for being able to eat whatever I want, but is horrible for being able to weather illnesses that take away my appetite.  Hubby brought me a giant glass of mango juice, which I drank down. My extremities tingled and my eyesight remained blurry until the sugar from the juice worked through my system.

The whole incident is actually scarier now that I look back on it than when I was going through it. When I felt the urge to pass out, nothing else mattered in the world. Not the fact that I wasn’t dried off, nor the fact that I left the bathroom without the towel around me, nor the fact that I collapsed onto a cold tile floor. All of these things would be physically uncomfortable under normal circumstances, but this wasn’t a normal circumstance. My body was out of control and it was going to do what it wanted.

The only other times I’ve had this lack of bodily control that made me not care about anything was during the deliveries of my children. Pain will do it just as readily as being on the verge of passing out.

Since this morning’s incident, I’m freaked out about it happening again, so I’m making sure to eat a little something every hour or two. I’m also continuing to take it easy (although I did manage to make it to the tax appointment with Hubby this morning). And if it does happen again, I’ll be hightailing it into the doctor.

Maybe I’ll take a bath tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!