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Our house has been hit by the flu. It started with Hubby on Monday night – a scratchy throat, a cough. By the next day, he was flat on his back with full-blown symptoms, including fever, nausea, congestion, chills, no appetite, and body aches.

Tuesday evening, after having worked all day, the scratchy throat and cough caught up with me and by yesterday morning, I was flat on my back with all the aforementioned symptoms. The worst of it is the body aches. I spent all day in bed yesterday, only getting up yesterday morning to call in sick and periodically throughout the day to use the bathroom. Oh, and I wandered into the living room and collapsed on the couch in order to watch the local ten o’clock news.

As I was laying in bed, I’d try to get into a comfortable, non-achy position, but it was tough. Not a single square inch of my body was free from the aches. As soon as I’d find a position that worked, my body would spasm and I’d have to stretch and I’d be rolling around again. These aches are the type that make you moan uncontrollably and sap your energy. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I only seemed to manage a fitful dozing.

While I’m sitting upright now (in bed, of course), I’m still achy, but not as bad as yesterday, have a slight fever, and am still coughing. Not yet up to snuff for work. Hopefully, by tomorrow I can return. Hubby is still home from school and Young Son missed school yesterday and is home again today.

The only one in our household going about her day normally is Daughter. And Eldest Son is away at school, so he hasn’t been exposed.

Incidentally, I heard on the news last night that this week is typically the peak of flu season. We have unintentionally met the average.