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This week in school, Daughter heard round-about that one of the teachers had explained to some of her classmates how her parents got engaged. It was a bit of a shock to discover that Hubby and I were the subject of historical gossip. The teacher was one that we knew in high school, but we got engaged a couple of years after graduation, so we didn’t think anyone from school was paying attention to our lives anymore. Ha! Were we wrong. Thus, Daughter’s classmates became privy to the story of our engagement. Daughter was already aware of the story, but Young Son was not. We filled him in as we discussed the gossip incident.

Rather than have you hear it second-hand, here’s how Hubby and I got engaged.

Before the actual engagement date, Hubby had pre-asked me, saying something like, “If I asked you to marry me, would you?” With an affirmative from me, he and my brother went shopping for an engagement ring and Hubby hatched his plan. He hired a pilot with a small plane to take us up for a ride. Somewhere along the line, I got mono and was flat on my back for a week or two, but come the date of the plane ride, I was well enough to go.

I knew something was up when I saw Hubby carrying a camera case. He is not known for taking pictures, nor did he own a camera, so this was out of character. We went up for our ride and enjoyed looking down to the bottom of the river and seeing how straight the highways were. Hubby asked the pilot to circle low in a particular spot – right over my dad’s house. We had to take two passes before I was able to read what had been painted on the roof: “Marry me, Mary.” Then Hubby handed me the ring. It was in the camera bag, of course.

It wasn’t until after we got back to my dad’s house that I found out how much difficulty the guys had in painting the roof. My brother and his friends (not clear how many were involved) took white paint up to the roof thinking that the shingles were dark. They discovered that the shingles were a faded gray and the white paint wasn’t showing up. They ran around the house finding anything they could to darken the paint. India ink was added and I’m not sure what all.

Our engagement story made the front page of a local paper.

Obviously, I said yes.