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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing … Sweethearts! You know, those chalky little heart candies with the funky messages? (Fax me! Yeah, right!) For me, this is the only truly important part of Valentine’s Day. (Hubby and I have our anniversary for the celebration of our love and it’s not on Valentine’s Day.)

Of course, according to retailers, it’s been Valentine’s Day for at least two weeks now, maybe three. There are aisles of candies wrapped in pink and red and while chocolate may be the sweet treat of love for most human beings, for me, it’s Sweethearts … and not just any Sweethearts. They have to be the Sweethearts made by Necco.

So, Hubby and I were doing our grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago and seeing the Valentine candy aisle glowing in all its pink and red goodness, we entered. Like a heat-seeking missile, I located the Sweethearts. Hubby told me to make sure they were Neccos. I did and into the cart went an eight-pack.

We must have been blinded by our love for Necco Sweethearts because we did not notice until we got home that what we grabbed was not what we thought we were grabbing. Check out the photo below and see if you can see what we did not see:

Necco Sweethearts & Tart Sweethearts

Necco Sweethearts & Tart Sweethearts

We had accidentally purchased the Sweethearts on the right. Notice the big “Tarts” label on the front of the box. These are NOT Sweethearts. The box may say “Sweethearts” and the confection may have been produced by Necco and some of the hearts may even be labeled “Fax Me” (see the box above), but the taste is God-awful. Sweethearts are not supposed to be tart. Period.

All of us, me, Hubby, Eldest Son, Daughter and Young Son #2, gave the tart Sweethearts the old college try, but only Young Son could tolerate the taste enough to make it through several boxes. The rest of us couldn’t seem to get through one.

The box of tart Sweethearts is an imposter, plain and simple. The true Necco Sweethearts arrived in the box on the left. Of course we had to buy them in order to erase the error (and taste) of our tarty mistake.