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I’m another step closer to making my Greenville book a reality. This morning I ordered the barcodes I need for publication. The barcodes on the backs of books help retailers to quickly scan for pricing and title information because both the ISBN and the retail price are built into barcodes when they are ordered. (In case you’re curious, I’ve set the price at $19.95 after considering all the great feedback I got here on my blog.)

So, then, I’ve ordered my barcodes from R.R. Bowker and the company sent them to me via email as a zip file. The instructions in the email say to forward the email to my printer and the printer will import the barcodes into my publications. Hmm. Being as how I’ve done my own book layout and have to have these barcodes within the layout before uploading to Cafe Press, how do these instructions play out for me? Do I open the zip file and attach the barcodes into my layout? Questions, questions, always questions.