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Hubby had to drive to the Twin Cities today. When he reached the Rogers area on I-94, he suddenly felt edgy. As he described it, the feeling wasn’t a normal too-much-traffic-in-the-Cities edginess. Instead, he had a sense that something bad was going to happen. He drove on through, ran all his errands and headed back. As he came to the Rogers area, he came upon the scene of a semi truck accident as it was being cleaned up.

He’s had this experience once before – the unexplained edginess of foreboding as he drove through a particular area on the highway, with the return trip revealing a semi accident. (Yes, it was a semi in both incidents.) He’s not sure how to explain this. He asked me how I would explain it because I tend to lean toward these woo woo things. I told him that while I’m open to the woo woo experiences of life, I have no idea how to explain them. I just think of them as interesting events that will remain inexplicable.

I also told him what a skeptic would say. “You had an uncomfortable feeling and you assigned that feeling meaning after a random event occurred that seemed to confirm it.”

Human beings want meaning in their lives, so I’d rather let them assign whatever meaning they like to the inexplicable instead of dismissing their experiences.