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Thinking long, thinking deeply about …

this: And Now for Something Different About Nonprofits and the Economy 1/1/09 by Jan Masaoka of Blue Avocado (The big nugget of truth in this article is to “do less with less.”)

this: Smithsonian Click-and-Drags Itself Forward by Joel Garreau of the Washington Post (I think Chris Anderson should take the his advice for curators and “get over” himself and museum professionals need to not go completely moon-y eyed over the latest technologist in the room. Curators and other museum professionals have proven to be thoughtful individuals as a whole and they have been trying to figure out how best to move into an online venue while taking into consideration the constraints of lack of time and funding. More thoughts, more thoughts, but these are the initial ones. Forgive the grousiness. Once I get beyond these, they become more positive.)

and this: The New Reality: Constant Disruption by John Hagel III, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison at Harvard Business Publishing (If technological change is going to remain constant without anyone having a chance to really use a particular application to its fullest extent, how do museums plan for this? In discussion on this issue with Hubby, he brought up Emil Durkheim’s term “anomie,” which is a lack of norms or regulation that can lead to deviant behavior in society.)

More thinking to do. If you have any thoughts on these articles, please share them with me.