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It’s been a strange day. Mostly because I stayed in my pajamas until ten-minutes-to-five. That’s p.m., not a.m. Wearing sleepwear during the day is highly unusual for me, mostly because the only time I do it, I’m in a state of being death warmed over. I can’t remember the last time I was that sick.

Though I was in my pajamas, the day was not unproductive. I finished reading “The Big Sort” by Bill Bishop and started reading “98 Reasons for Being” by Clare Dudman. I also gave our bedroom a top-to-bottom cleaning, including a dusting of the ceiling, a vacuuming under the bed, and a washing of the bed linens. (Happy Clean Sheet Day!) This took much of the late morning and afternoon, with periodic breaks for food. I can’t believe how much dust settles in the nooks and crannies and how much time it takes to get it all out.

By four o’clock, Daughter was incredulous over my pajama-clad self and asked if I was going to get dressed. I considered not, after all it wouldn’t be too long before I was back in bed, but then I realized that my pajamas were full of dust and there was no way I was going to jump into clean sheets without being clean myself. So, I showered and got dressed. Gotta keep the sheets clean for a little while.