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Just before Christmas, my older brother came to visit. He brought along his iPod and played a number of video podcasts from Midwest Teen Sex Show for us. The podcasts are straight-talking and humorous and discuss various aspects of sex for teenagers (and their parents). I thoroughly enjoyed the ones my brother showed us and thought I should pass along a link for you.  All of the videos can be viewed on Midwest Teen Sex Show’s website, or they can be downloaded from iTunes. Midwest Teen Sex Show also has a Twitter feed.

Midwest Teen Sex Show is very clear on their About page that the videos are not intended for children under the age of 13, nor does the site contain porn. The creators of the site want people to use the information they provide to get people to discuss teen sex. They’re not out to promote teens having sex.

If you want a sense what of Midwest Teen Sex Show’s humor is about, the site’s logo is a silhouette of two cows doing it.