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I have a problem that I’m hoping you can help me solve. I’m trying to price my Greenville novel. I’ve figured out the production cost that Cafe Press will charge me for each copy and, based on that, have a general ballpark range for the retail price – somewhere between $19 and $22. (The book is approximately 200 pages long, 5″x8″, perfect-bound paperback.)

Here’s my dilemma. When you purchase a book, are you more inclined to buy one that has a price that isn’t a round figure? For example, would you be more likely to purchase a book that is $19.95, rather than $20, or one that’s $21.95 rather than $21? Are you psychologically drawn more to even numbers or odd when purchasing a book? Is 20 a more attractive number than 21, or vice versa?

Try to set aside any price comparisons when you contemplate this, because I know that given identical books with different prices, most of us will choose the cheaper version. I’m trying to come up with a price that feels psychologically attractive.

Thanks for your help!