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I watched the movie Beverly Hills Cop last week. I’ve seen the movie many times before, but this time I was struck by something the head cop said. When Eddie Murphy’s character claims to be with the FBI, the head cop says that if there’s a federal investigation happening in his jurisdiction, he’d better know about it.

The same sort of thing happens in the first Rambo movie, with the sheriff getting all uppity about the military coming into his jurisdiction. He wants to deal with Rambo himself, by golly, federal government be damned.

I hear this territorial possessiveness from law enforcement all the time on TV shows and in the movies, so much so that the Territorial Cop is a cliche. What I want to know is whether this character is based in reality. When I watch what happens with law enforcement in my town, I see the County Sheriff working with the local police and the State Highway Patrol and federal investigators all the time. I’m not aware of any sniping between these agencies, nor of anyone invading someone else’s jurisdiction .

Has anyone got any real life examples of the Territorial Cop?