I have almost reached the end of a writing notebook, so I purchased a new one over the weekend. This morning, I took some time to go through the old notebook and transfer ideas I still want to work on into the new notebook. Some of my ideas have been transferred through many, many notebooks, and they only manage that if they still intrigue me and I haven’t written anything about them other than a few notes. These ideas are simmering.

I noticed in reviewing the notebook I’ve filled that it contains many blog post topics, most of which I’ve already dealt with here on Woo Woo Teacup. There are, however, several blog ideas that I was all fired up about when they came to me, but that for reasons of time, I never managed to bring to fruition here. I also had a flood of blog ideas that came to me over the weekend in relation to an old post that I’ve not yet had a chance to write about. Here’s my list of topics:

Asparagus Pee

Midwest Teen Sex Show

The Low Tide of Fixation

Technology: Shouldn’t It Be Getting Easier?

Why Aren’t Scientist Asking More Questions? (Immunizations)

Testing My Mettle



Natural Consequences

The Territorial Cop

I’ll probably get around to some of these fairly soon, but are there any topics listed above that you’d really like to hear about? Let me know and I’ll shuffle the list.

Oh, and in Greenville news, I finished the final edit this morning, which leaves figuring out the upload process, determining sales price, buying bar codes, and making the website live. Then it’s on to marketing and distribution.