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Have you seen the commercial for the Snuggie on TV lately? The Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves, like a robe, only it’s a robe you put on backwards. Upon seeing this commercial, especially the scene where several people are sitting around a backyard campfire in their matching red Snuggies, Hubby said that it looked like these people belonged to a cult. And it’s true. Snuggie wearers DO look like they belong to a cult. When I see the commercial, the Heaven’s Gate cult comes to mind, only, as either Eldest or Young Son pointed out, Heaven’s Gate members had tracksuits. But, if the Snuggie had been around, I’m sure the Heaven’s Gaters would have adopted it.

Turns out, we are not the only people to think that Snuggies look like cult-wear. There are lots of folks online saying so: (anything in parentheses below is my snarky commentary)

Dan Hopper – Best Week Ever

The Cult of Snuggie – YouTube video of Snuggie commercial, doctored a bit (check out the cult-like music)

I Got a Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves – It’s Awesome by Craig Timmens – a testemonial from a satisfied Snuggie cult member

The Cult of Snuggie (seeing a theme here?) from the On Deaf Ears blog – A commenter on the On Deaf Ears blog says that the Snuggie is a copy of the Freedom Blanket, as was The Slanket.

The Cult of Snuggie (the theme continues . . .) from the Virginia Virtucon blog – The VV thinks the Snuggie harkens back to the Heaven’s Gate cult, as well.  The VV also says that the Snuggie is a rip-off of The Slanket.

Forum at ADISC.org – discussion of The Cult of Snuggie

What was your reaction to the Snuggie Blanket informercial? – Yahoo! Answers (Apparently the same as everyone else’s.  Could the Snuggie commercial creator have even gotten a more consistent effect if s/he’d tried?)

The Cult of “Snuggie” (apparently The Cult of Snuggie is the cult’s legal name) from Must Be the Humidity blog. (Note the second comment below the post. Anonymous says, “Fuck this innovation. I prefer the SHAMWOW! …”  — Eldest Son decided that the best invention would be to make a Snuggie out of some ShamWows. Stay warm and clean up spills all at the same time! “You know, the Germans always make good stuff.” That is literally one of the selling points of the ShamWow. I’m not kidding. Watch the commercial through the link.)

Snuggie Blanket with Sleeves: Another Candidate for the Stupid Products Hall of Fame – from the Ridiculous Infomercial Review blog (While the post itself doesn’t use the word “cult,” it makes allusions to it by mentioning Hare Krishnas. The word “cult” comes up in the comments section. This post does make a Star Wars comparison, which I’ve seen in other Cult of Snuggie posts.)

Snuggies – The Wearable Blanket – from The Quirky World of Jessi (the cult comparisons continue)

Snuggie Blanket – forum topic on Christopher Moore’s website – (One of the thread posters makes the cult comparison, which is starting to get a little old, if you ask me, but the first poster on this thread uses the phrase “in my pants” and everyone else follows suit. Can we blame the Snuggie for spawning two cults?)

I could go on and on with The Cult of Snuggie, but then you’d accuse me of brainwashing you.