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Yesterday, I posted a divergence test that I found in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers.” The test was to imagine what you could do with a brick and a blanket.

If you still want to take the test and not be influenced by my answers DO NOT READ WHAT FOLLOWS!!!! (I know, I know. It’s like telling you not to think about a Pepto Bismol pink elephant with fuzzy lime green wings and a canary yellow tail, but I thought you might like to be forewarned.)

With that caveat, here’s what I came up with. (Remember, I write fiction, so I have an overactive imagination. I’m just sayin’ . . . )

Uses for a brick: (I didn’t know whether the test meant for me to imagine the uses for one brick, or several, so there are a mix of answers, most of them using only one brick.)

Tie a note to it & throw it through a window, bookend, paperweight, doorstop, smash Cheetos, put on head to improve balance, conk someone on the head, build a wall or house, patio walk, stepping stone, throw off a tall building to see what happens, water displacement test, wrap with sandpaper & use as sanding block, crack open a clam shell, use as a step to reach something slightly out of reach, write on & use as a sign, smash into bits & use in planter pot for drainage, exercise arms with it, heat up & use as a cooking surface (grills/ovens), scraping dirt, an exhibit on brick manufacturing, exhibit furniture (set something on it), twine holder, motorcycle prop in soft soil, carve into sculpture, pound tent stakes into the ground, flatten document, press flowers/garlic, hide key underneath, tie to someone’s foot for drowning, use corner of brick to write message in dirt (if lots of bricks, line them up to create message), roadway for toy cars (several bricks), build a decorative planter, block hole in foundation to keep squirrels from getting in, paint artistically and give as gift, prop edge of bucket on when syphoning beer into carboy or bottles, use to raise water level in toilet tank (not recommended because the brick sediment can clog toilet works), keep something outside from blowing away (garbage can, etc.), mark treasure, to move secret door (pull brick, instead of candelabra), propose marriage (carve out cavity for ring, write proposal on exterior, hand to intended), use as inspiration for a song (“Another Brick in the Wall”)

Uses for a blanket:

Tourniquet & staunch wounds (rip in strips), wrap around pipes to keep from freezing, put on car of hood to keep battery warm overnight (use brick to hold in place!), tie around waist as a skirt, poncho, flat, boot tops (Hubby has Steger Mukluks with blanket tops), boot liners, hide a body in it (living or dead), name for your kid (or Michael Jackson’s kid, anyway), window dressing, wall, dowse with water during fire & wrap around self to get out, dowse in water & put along bottom of door to keep smoke out, use dry at base of door to keep cold air out, tent, protect furniture from dust or paint, carry possessions in it, use to wipe up spills, use to scratch itch (if wool), cover stuff in car so people can’t see what you have, rug, place for cat to lay (folded blanket), bed covering (duh!), roll to use as pillow, muffle sound, turban or veil, make mittens, use to drag leaves, snow or injured person, cut into strips & use as Christmas tree decoration, make a Snuggie (everyone’s favorite cult wear!), patching material, baby sling, hang onto while sliding down a wire (the James Bond escape), polish car, seat cushion, beat out a fire, send smoke signals, take apart thread by thread & use for knitting or crocheting (woven blanket), play peek-a-boo with baby, allow baby to chew for oral fixation (Eldest Son famous for this as baby), stuff a hole, put under shirt to make yourself look pregnant or fat, roll up & stick dried flowers in center (vase), backdrop for an exhibit, use for an exhibit on blankets, table cloth, use to diffuse light (safety first!), throw over head & pretend you’re the Virgin Mary (blue blanket works best), use as a cover for a hole trap, wrap stuff in it when moving, hide baby & breast when breastfeeding, chair or couch cover, drawing subject (chiaro/scurro), cat hair collector (what you do with the cat hair is your business – maybe you could make, oh, I don’t know, a blanket?), wash & hang on clothesline to dry so you can smell the fresh outdoors on it

Sorry for those massive paragraphs, but if I had put each one on its own line, this blog post would have gone on into eternity.